Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Family time and bridesmaid shopping

Yesterday, I joined a group of ladies for a what promised to be a civilised shopping trip to the retail mecca known as Meadowhall, just outside Sheffield. The brief: to head out into the aforementioned mecca in search of four purple bridesmaid dresses for four beautiful girls. The group: My lovely mother-in-law, two sister-in-laws and one sister-in-law-to-be, and four beautiful girls, aged between six and (almost!) thirteen.

At half-term. In a HUGE shopping mall.

It was really rather tiring almost immediately, mainly because our search was fruitless for the first hour or so, and we needed lunch; however, things soon picked up when we spotted some very acceptable dresses by John Rocha - and they were purple!

Cue fitting room antics, 'oohs' and 'ahhs', and excited clapping from the bride-to-be..

And finally, we walked away with not only three of the four dresses needed, but when we got to the till we discovered that the dresses were on sale for 75% OFF.


What a bargain. Smiles all round, high fives, and then a swift trip to a certain fast food outlet for a quick food stop, before hitting the LEGO store, the Disney store, Claire's Accessories, Lush and TK Maxx, and pausing for one of the beautiful girlies to have a bounce on the trampoline bungee. As you do.

We had left before 4pm, having had more than enough of the shops, and feeling pretty exhausted!

It is days like that, though, that can give you some of the nicest memories; though stressful at the time, it's so important to spend those hours together, with a wedding in sight. My nieces won't be this age for long, and I just adore them, all of them. I love that they want to hold my hands, and show me what they've bought with their pocket money. I love that I was able to buy my gorgeous almost-teenage niece a birthday present that she actually wanted. And I love that I got to be part of the trip, to be one of the ladies that shop.

Do you enjoy shopping? Do you crave the rush of that new purchase, or run screaming from anything retail-related? I'd love to know.

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