Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A (not so) gentle breeze

I'm one happy woman today. Not only is the sun shining in a particularly stunning way, but my husband is on a break from his current tour - and he will be home for a whole week! This is great news in my world. The last twenty-four hours have seen my new pie dish bring forth a rather delicious (if I may say so myself!) chicken and mushroom pie, a bottle of red wine being glugged (last night, not today...yet), a leisurely lunch and gorgeously brisk autumn walks in some of our favourite places (see above, taken an hour ago in a really lovely local park which we have adopted as our own extended back garden). Result!

This is the first time in YEARS that my husband has been at home in October; mind you, the same could be said for me too, before this year. It is a tremendous thing, as he loves autumn as much as I do, and even though you obviously get some delectable weather in other countries when travelling (this October he has already visited Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark..) he doesn't usually get BRITISH autumn. If you do a lot of travelling, being at home at this time of year can be positively thrilling. So this week will involve many 'autumnal' things - pie, stew, conkers, breezy walks (breathtakingly breezy today!), tea in a Thermos, finding where you put your scarf, washing all your beanie hats, buying new boots, chopping wood and lighting the fire, adding an extra quilt to the bed, hot chocolate...the list goes on.

What are your autumnal seasonal rituals? I'd love to know.

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