Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Hello autumn

I understand why some people lament the end of summer, and therefore the inevitable onset of autumn, but I love it. Even in the rain (which has been coming down for most of the day here so far!) it's lovely out there. Refreshing, clear air, gusts to blow away cobwebs, and snatches of sunshine every so often that lift the spirits. I even enjoyed my run this morning.

My sister-in-law disagrees with me vehemently; she loves the warmth and softness of summer, the long days and the dry weather, and I know she's not alone in that; as the days begin to get shorter again, she starts to dread the winter, the cold and dark mornings and the grey outlook. I think perhaps my aversion to a hot summer is purely because I dislike being too warm; it makes me uncomfortable and anxious, and I prefer a cool breeze, swirling snow and fat, woolly scarves that you can wrap around your entire head. My leather boots. My beanie hat collection. My huge snuggly winter coat. Heading inside a cafe to get a hot cup of steaming hot chocolate, and sit in the window watching the rain. I'm not saying I don't like summer at all - of course I do! - it's just that I'd rather be chilly..

I'm not expecting many people to be with me on all this, but one thing you can't deny Autumn is her way with light. Gentle, hazy, comforting; this season wins with the light. Spring can compete, after a long winter, but autumn clinches it for me. Some countries miss out on this transformation, skipping from summer to winter without a second glance, but for the parts of the world that get the beauty of autumn and spring, it seems a real shame that not everyone experiences these parts of the year.

Which is your favourite season? And why? I'd love to know.

Before I go, here's a few things I've found this week:


  1. I love autumn, too, Emily! One of the things I love the most is the vast array of beautiful and inviting autumnal colours. It's aesthetically wonderful but the temperature is also very favourable to me. I suffer badly with arthritis, so the heat and humidity disagree with me quite considerably. I also love the feel of cooler air but with the added warmth of the sun. (I think the partnership of the two is like a perfect marriage.) Walking on an autumn day and coming home to a warm house is heavenly! I think autumn and spring tie as my favourite season for opposing reasons: spring is a breath of fresh air after the harsh winters we have here, and autumn in all its glory marks the end of typically some very hot temperatures. I think summer drains me of energy whereas autumn gives me a new lease of life!

    1. Ah Andrea, how lovely to hear from you, and what a brilliant comment! I completely agree with you about getting a new lease of life from autumn, and spring too - I can imagine it must be difficult with your arthritis in warmer weather, so hooray for autumn and its mellow, cooler beauty :-) Take care!

      Emily x