Friday, 24 October 2014

'I am what I am...!'

This photo shows how I feel at this moment - content, comfy, with people I love and with a song in my heart. This picture was taken by a very dear and lovely friend of mine, earlier this year, and I think it sums me up quite well. Slightly zany, always about the comfort, I love my sleep, and I enjoy sharing time with friends and family, with the sun on my face and a bright new day ahead. I definitely have to think about this when I have a bit of a low day, as life is generally pretty blazing brilliant! We get to live on this super planet, and just breathing in and out every day is a priviledge. I need to be more thankful, more open and more adventurous.

A big hug is going out to the universe today; please take it and run with it! Let's all have a theoretical pat on the back, a huge smile and a bout of raucous laughter.

What's your mantra for life? I'd love to know.

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