Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Travel times

On the eve of my husband heading off on a European tour, I'm thinking about some of my favourite places that we've visited over the years; the kind of places that you see briefly and earmark for further exploration at a later date, when time isn't an issue and you're not working; the lovely pockets of the world that you might not have otherwise have had the chance, or even the inclination, to visit. We've certainly had a mixture of destinations on our list!

Here's a few that spring to mind. There are so many more, but these deserve a mention:

1.  Amsterdam

This is no doubt a very popular, and perhaps a not very inspired choice; however, we had the pleasure of some time off in this amazing city, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was more approachable than London, less snooty than Paris; it was colourful, enticing and vibrant. I loved the waterways, the bicycles, the light; and there is so much to do and see, we will have to go back in order to carry on our adventure!

2. Zagreb

A few years ago, we found our favourite pizza place in Europe. It was in a basement, down a little side street, and we happened across it quite by chance, on a quiet amble around a city. Rome? Florence? Even Chicago? No, Zagreb. And not only was it the best, it was also the most affordable. Splendid. It was a sad moment when we headed back to that same street just last year, only to find the place closed and barred; it had ceased trading, and we were devastated. Zagreb is a gem, if a slightly scruffy one. The buildings are beautiful, and the streets are inviting, but the place has a distinct edge. The people are kind, and the glut of old cars kept my husband happy!

3. Aspen

Sometimes you visit a place that is just so clean and lovely, you can't quite believe it's actually real and not a figment of your imagination. Aspen is one of those places. A rare and interesting town, with air that is crisp, fresh and thin (I always get out of breath that far above sea level!), where the sky looks like it is in high definition, and the mountains beckon, even when it is the middle of summer. The colours are intense, the sunshine is potent and the muffins are sensational. This was the view from our hotel room, and we didn't even have to pay any extra..

4. Chicago

I promise this photo hasn't been doctored!! The river really was green. We had a show in Chicago that fell on St. Patrick's Day last year, hence the green river. I absolutely love the Windy City. Cupcakes, the river, the atmosphere, the buildings…so much history, so much buzz. The music scene is fantastic, and the  route along highway next to the water as you come into the city is one of the best taxi rides I've ever taken (or should I say 'cab' ride?!) 

Do you have a favourite place? I'd love to know.

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