Friday, 19 September 2014

September sunshine

It's been absolutely boiling in London today. Positively summery, with people joyfully treading the streets in sandals and sunglasses, little boys in swimming trunks paddling in the fountains outside The Grain Store eatery near Kings Cross, couples sitting together by the canal relaxing. The pace was still London, but with a slight swagger; a sense of ease, perhaps. I possibly would have enjoyed the glorious rays a little more if I hadn't been wearing my beaten up leather jacket and brand new brogues in preparation for autumn. However, the idea of a day or two in London fills me with as much dread as it does excitement, so the sunshine definitely was a bonus!

So thank you, September. Thank you for being one of the best months of the year; unassuming, beautifully lit and often quite a stealthy slip into autumn. Your sunshine has lifted my spirit and warmed my cockles today.

Did you get the lovely rays elsewhere? I'd love to know.

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