Monday, 22 September 2014

A breath of sea air

This is one of my favourite photographs that I have taken on tour over the years. This was actually taken in Oslo, Norway, looking out from the harbour a few years ago now, but it's one of the pictures that sums up how being by the sea makes me feel - AMAZING. I just love being at the seaside, and today I got an unexpected trip to the coast with my husband. What a treat! It was a beautiful day and we went for a lovely long walk, the crisp sea air refreshing, the wind in our hair and the sun on our backs. Delicious.

I have so many photographs of the sea. The views never fail to make me feel warm inside, and I'm filled with wonder at the sheer size of some of the bodies of water around the world. The feeling of space, clarity and raw nature is just superb. I can clear my head, blow away any lingering cobwebs, and  just breathe.

After the intensity of the weekend, it was a welcome afternoon. Grabbing a little bit of early autumn, while the sun is still warm and the cooling breeze doesn't seep into your bones but merely nudges you into wearing a light coat, is pure bliss. 

Autumn is my favourite season. What's yours? I'd love to know.

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