Thursday, 13 November 2014

Music is freedom

In my life, if I had ever doubted that music is pure magic, I've had one of those days that would crush any such doubt. My heart was full to bursting when I came home from work today, and though I was exhausted, I felt a renewed joy in my passion for music.

I had a rehearsal - the first one - with a group of children, at a great youth centre in a town near where I live. The group was varied, with boys and girls of different ages, and they are all to be respected, applauded and cherished. They have a hard time every day, all with separate stories to tell, and their characters are occasionally difficult to fathom, but they are supportive of each other, fiercely loyal and eager to try new things, with a little bit of encouragement.

Some arrived full of energy, chattering and jumping about; others were quiet, almost hiding away in corners, full of nerves, and one was very angry, frustrated and stubborn. I sipped my tea and prayed that their first choir practise would be a success, and above all that they would get something out of it.

So we started to sing.

Their voices rose in the room; they were smiling, and following the words.

Then they showed what they had been working on, as individual acts for their concert, and there was singing, dancing, rapping and even some baton twirling; each person had something that they wanted to show the world, and gradually each made it onto the makeshift 'stage' to perform, tackling nerves and shyness, and bouncing off the support shown by their peers.

Hearing them singing together, a little merry band, made my heart sing. It seemed that, even momentarily, they could forget everything and just express themselves, and watching them was brilliant.

I sat down this evening feeling so proud, and happy just to be part of the work they're all doing.

Music really is pure magic.

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