Saturday, 24 January 2015

Rock, pop & grooving..

Good afternoon everybody, I trust you are all well? I come to you today from a dressing room in the glorious Sage in Gateshead, where our Classic Rock Show tour has landed and will be performing tonight! It's been quite a long week - we started in Leeds on Wednesday, then went to Salford on Thursday, and hit Harrogate yesterday (pictured was my 'star' dressing room in Harrogate's lovely old Royal Hall). It is a beautiful, sunny and crisp day, and I have shopped for the starving band and crew, watched an episode of 'Coronation Street' (one of my guilty pleasures), washed my hair, and pulled out one of the strangest things to ever come out of a suitcase...a cowbell.

So, I'm catching up with you all now, to say I'm still here, sorry to have been quiet this month, and sending rock vibes to all. The show is going swimmingly - I have been testing out my organ skills during 'Bat Out Of Hell' and a couple of other songs, grooving like a mad woman, playing the cowbell like it's going out of fashion, and singing my heart out. A good, productive January so far on the music side!

Hope your January is rolling by splendidly. Until next time,

Emily x

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