Friday, 13 March 2015

Remembering pudding magic in Paris

Looking for inspiration today, I was casually flicking through my photos when I came across this - a picture I took in Paris of one the most delicious pieces of pudding magic I've had the pleasure to eat. Seeing the photo reminded me of so many things; my delight at finding a patisserie so close to our hotel, and the joy of peering through the window like an excited child (I nearly pressed my nose up against the glass, but held back); the scrumptious array of beautifully presented parquisites, and the tantalising aroma of sugar, caramel, different fruits and temptation; and finally, the anticipation I felt whilst carrying my precious cargo back to the hotel, wrapped in a box, waiting to be devoured. Never mind the actual eating of it. Absolute bliss.

All this has got me thinking about taking time to savour life. All those steps - noticing, peering, marvelling, choosing, carrying, devouring - enhanced the experience, because I TOOK NOTICE. Appropriate attention was paid. I suppose I do mean savour life in a 'smell the roses' kind of way, but also in a slightly more realistic light; merely appreciating things as they pass you by. You know, like when you are gazing out of the window of a bus or train, or walking to work, or going on a run, or sitting in your garden, or maybe talking to a friend and laughing. Cooking your favourite meal can be therapeutic and rewarding, or even just having your cup of tea from a pretty piece of china, with your biscuits (standard) on a sweet little side plate and your milk in a small jug on the table.

Five minutes a day isn't much; maybe you can find it, and make it count. Time flies by and takes you with it, so it's lovely to press pause occasionally.

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